Flashcards with ANKI

The Anki app is a great tool to make your own flashcards and combine the effective learning strategies of practice testing and distributed practice with each other in a fun and nice way. Do you want to learn more about how you can use ANKI, how to install the App and get some tipps and tricks on how to make good flashcards? Then enrol to our CANVAS course https://canvas.maastrichtuniversity.nl/enroll/P673MA en learn more.

What is Anki and Why Should I Use it?

Anki is an application, which serves as a memory tool. At its core, it is a basic flashcard app. Anki is an open source app and its applications can be widespread. Anki is a tool to boost your memory by making sure you actively retrieve your learning material by answering flashcards. It uses a special algorithm to show you cards that you are about to forget by means of spaced repetition.  The spaced repetition algorithm allows students to review information only when the algorithm anticipates the need for review. This app thus helps you to study more actively and effectively and get an actual grip on your learning progress. It helps you to apply two of the most effective learning strategies according to scientific evidence: practice testing and distributed practice.